Print process:

The prints produced for this website are executed on a highly customized wide format Epson UltraChrome HDR archival quality printer, using custom profiles that have been refined for each batch of media and with a resolution of 2880 dpi. The metallic paper media is sourced directly from a manufacturer in Japan and tested for batch consistency. Each photograph is precisely examined for minor flaws and out of gamut colors, corrected for highlights exceeding the maximum print abilities of the printer and manipulated for an optimum color rendition without changing the original intent of the image. The prints are stored in archival quality sleeves and shipped in large tubes that can resist any of the punishment encountered during transportation. Any damage suffered during shipping will result in a replacement print at no costs to the customer, yet this has never happened to date.

Framing suggestions:

In order to display and protect your investment it is suggested that no print, whatever the process or media used, should be exposed in direct sunlight or high humidity conditions. It is suggested that these prints be professionally framed using an all around 3” white or off white matt, a simple black wood frame between 1” and 2”, depending on the size of the artwork, and UV coated glass or Plexiglas. Prints sizes are optimised for quality and may slightly vary.


The prints should never be handled outside of their protective sleeves and are susceptible to creasing or kinks if improperly handled, thus they should remain protected until they are placed with a professional framer. When removing the print from the shipping tube it is important to grab the entire print and sleeve, and carefully sliding out the entire assembly. Care should be applied when repacking the print into its tube, with a gentle roll slightly smaller than the tube diameter.